Privacy and Integrity Policy


Privacy and Integrity Policy

We at Alp Electronix (NanoVolt AB) value your personal data with highest interest. The personal data we collect and manage within our company processes is utilized only with the intent of providing you as a customer the best experience and service. The areas where we collect and use your data are described in the following sections.

1. Regulations

Our company complies to the Data Protection Law (GDPR), and other relevant Swedish data privacy regulations.

2. General data

We use and manage your name, post address, personal number, e-mail address, as well as information provided in your registration and profile at our web services ( and webshop).

3. Technical data

We may, where applicable, collect and manage technical data about your IP address, info on your operative system on your device when visiting our web pages.
We may also collect interaction data such as clicked links, response time, saved items and similar data to provide you with suitable advertisements and suggestions of related products or services based on the data.

4. Customer generated data

We may, after your consent, use relevant data from your connected online social networks to further customize your experience with Alp Electronix, examples such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

5. Third party use of your data

We do not provide your personal data to any third party, unless confirmed and agreed by you as customer and/or registered user in our systems.

6. How long do we store your data?

The data we collect from you are according to regulations only stored the time it is needed for its purpose, i.e. the usage it was intended for when collecting the data.

7. Accessibility of data

The data is only accessible and managed by approved staff at Alp Electronix.

8. Security of data

The web services and system used at Alp Electronix are selected for sufficient security, but full security cannot be achieved, such as in web page data transferred via Internet. In case of security violations, Alp Electronix notifies any affected customers.

9. Your obligations and rights

As normal security praxis, you shall treat passwords and private data with caution, such as keeping strong passwords only known to yourself, caution when using public devices and networks.
You can at any time, cost-free, request your private data, request for its removal (which may require that your account/profile is deleted) and request withdrawal of your approval to store and use the data.
If you at any time have questions, complaints or input to our services or privacy policy, you are welcome to contact Alp Electronix on

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