TPS564247 3-16V Input, 0.6-7V Output, 2-A FCCM Mode Synchronous Buck Converter Module

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High-efficiency buck converter module with 3-16V input, 0.6-7V output, and 2A FCCM mode. Castellated pins for easy mounting.

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The TPS564247 synchronous buck converter module is perfect for a wide range of applications that require accurate and dependable power conversion abilities. This powerful module has a wide input voltage range of 3-16V as well as a 0.6-7V output voltage range. Along with a 2-A FCCM Mode, this buck converter module is the perfect choice for those looking to power their projects with precise power control.

This module features castellated pins which offer superior flexibility as well as convenience. The castellated pins offer incredibly easy installation as well as superior reliability. The pins are designed to provide a secure connection and a firm grip to ensure a consistent power supply with minimal voltage drop due to contact resistance.

The TPS564247 module is designed to offer outstanding performance and heat dissipation. This module has an incredibly efficient which ensures that power consumption is kept to a minimum. Additionally, the module features a low-profile package which ensures excellent thermal dissipation in tight spaces.

This module also offers a variety of advanced features to ensure precise power conversion. This includes features such as programmable soft-start, enable/disable, thermal overload, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection. These features make the TPS564247 buck converter module perfect for applications where reliability is a key factor.

The TPS564247 3-16V Input, 0.6-7V Output, 2-A FCCM Mode Synchronous Buck Converter Module with castellated pins is the perfect choice for those looking for precise and dependable power conversion. With its wide range of input and output voltage, advanced protection features, and castellated pins, this buck converter module is an ideal choice for powering projects in any environment.

Note: Although TPS564247  is capable of 4A, the inductor can only handle up to 2A safely. Therefore the module will be limited to 2A. 

Features for the TPS564247

  • Configured for a wide range of applications
    • 3-V to 16-V input voltage range
    • 0.6-V to 7-V output voltage range
    • 0.6-V reference voltage
    • ±1% reference accuracy at 25°C
    • ±1.5% reference accuracy at –40°C to 125°C
    • Integrated 28.8-mΩ and 15.4-mΩ RDSON FET
    • 120-µA low quiescent current
    • 1.2-MHz switching frequency
    • Supports maximum 95% duty cycle operation
    • Precision EN threshold voltage
    • 1.39-ms fixed typical soft-start time
  • Ease of use and small solution size
    • FCCM mode at light loading (TPS564247)
    • Part of a full P2P family including solutions for 4 A, 5 A, and 6 A and FCCM/ECO operation
    • D-CAP3™ control topology
    • Support start-up with prebiased output
    • Non-latch for OV/OT/UVLO protection
    • Hiccup mode for UV protection
    • Cycle-by-cycle OC and NOC limit


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