LP602660 3.7V 1100mAh Li-Po Battery w/ Molex 781720002

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Small, powerful Li-Po battery with 3.7V 1100mAh capacity and Molex 781720002 connector. Perfect for powering small electronics.

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If you’re looking for a reliable and powerful battery for your device, the LP602660 3.7V 1100mAh Li-Po Battery Molex 781720002 is the perfect option. With its advanced technology and high-quality design, this Li-Po battery will provide your device with long-lasting, uninterrupted power.

This Li-Po battery has an impressive 3.7V of power and a capacity of 1100mAh, allowing it to deliver more than enough power for your device’s needs. Its two-pin Molex 781720002 connector makes it compatible with a wide range of electronics, while its high-quality design ensures that it will deliver power reliably and consistently.

This Li-Po battery also has a long lifespan, thanks to its advanced design. It is designed to be able to withstand multiple charge cycles while still keeping its performance up to par, allowing you to use it for a long time without having to worry about wearing it out.

The battery is also designed with safety in mind. Its built-in safety features ensure that the battery will not overheat or be subjected to dangerous levels of current. This ensures that your device will be protected from any potential problems due to unexpectedly high voltages or currents.

Finally, this Li-Po battery benefits from a lightweight yet durable construction, making it easy to carry around and store without taking up too much space. Its small size also ensures that it can fit into tight spaces, allowing you to use it even in compact devices.

In short, the LP602660 3.7V 1100mAh Li-Po Battery Molex 781720002 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an efficient and reliable power source for their devices. With its powerful performance, long lifespan, and safe design, it’s sure to deliver superior performance for many years to come.

Note: There has been a mistake in the marking. On the battery it is written LP502660. However, it should have been LP602660.


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